Charting the Course to a More Valuable Company

AziCon Group provides four types of management and advisory services:

One service offering focuses on late stage, founder or owner-operated companies that are looking for a liquidity event in the next 2-5 years.  Typically these companies are reasonably well-run and have a strong management team in at least a few key areas.  They also often have strong external financial advisors.  But they may have a few operational flat spots that make the difference between a 3-4X EBITDA exit and a 5-7X exit opportunity, especially when the potential investors are Strategics.

AziCon Groupís Principalís experiences as a COO, a GM and an operational-level consultant (former PricewaterhouseCoopers partner) allow AziCon to effectively help such companies as an advisor, a project manager and/or as a contract executive while awaiting the next exit window in a few years.

A second service offering focuses on targeted process improvements for any organization.  In particular, AziCon offers a Smart Six-Sigma (S3) approach that combines the 80/20 improvement principles of Lean Six-Sigma efforts with modern, targeted management mechanisms such as Activity Costing and Balanced Scorecard.  Taken altogether, the S3 approach provides rifle-shot profit improvement outcomes in the most opportune areas rather than a Ďshotguní approach.
The third service offering is due diligence/turnaround support to private equity and venture investors who need an objective set of experienced eyes, or a targeted problem-solving effort, for existing or potential portfolio companies.
The fourth service offering is Expert Witness services to litigation attorneys around issues of cost, profitability and damages. AziCon Groupís Principalís experiences in such matters provides a highly-credentialed, high-quality Expert at a boutique fee structure. For more information:

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